As a company, designing educational spaces is a part of our DNA.

We work with our clients to design casework that targets the needs of the students and teachers. Labs, libraries, STEM/makerspaces and general classrooms. We create flexible yet durable casework that encourages teacher and student collaboration.



One of our strongest areas of expertise, the lab is an iconic setting in every school.

Labs are a physical representation of the commitment to provide a cutting edge and forward-thinking learning environment. While traditional labs are a large part of our portfolio, Varia also specializes in designing next-gen/multi-disciplinary labs. With our partner Sheldon Labs, we create labs that are flexible and functional, transcendent and progressive. Labs that tap into the creative energy that lies deep within every teacher and student.




Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing auditorium seating is a must for current upper school environments.

It's a space for students and the community. Auditorium seating comes in various shapes, sizes and materials. We are eager and equipped to aid in the selection process. 


Casework for learning spaces. 

A room where efficiency and collaboration come together. We offer educational specialty items such as cubbies, teacher wardrobe cabinets, musical instrument storage and any other storage options that increase the productivity of teachers and students.


Over time, the library has evolved beyond reading and research.

The modern library is a gathering space quietly abuzz with collaboration and learning. Together with our partners, we help design a space that is second to none.


The hot topic of any new or existing school.

A room where all disciplines are applied to bring the learning experience full circle. A workshop for the next generation of thinkers. Robotics, programming, soldering, cutting, welding, tinkering or 3-D printing… you name it. Design plays a crucial role in this process. Mobility and durability are a must. With our knowledge and our ability to listen to your programs needs, we can help design your next STEM/STEAM/STREAM space!



Designing a functional, aesthetically pleasing and (most importantly) secure space for visitors and students can be challenging.

The reception desk represents a key design feature in this space. We help create a desk that checks all boxes.



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