We provide durable casework and millwork for healthcare environments.

The healthcare industry constantly adapts with the latest advancements in design and technology. At Varia we aim to provide products that allow flexibility and encourage growth. We simultaneously create spaces that are visually and functionally pleasing. We look to the future because, well, we don't think an outdated healthcare facility will ever be in vogue.



At Varia we understand the importance of patient rooms.

For the patient, it's a place of relaxation and healing. For the healthcare provider, it's a space strategically planned to enable optimum care. We work with our clients to provide headwalls, footwalls, bathroom vanities and any other storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Implementing top notch patient care starts with health care providers.

Nurses and doctors need efficient places to work and collaborate. From centralized nurse stations to decentralized satellite stations, Varia provides solutions to meet the owner’s needs.


Varia is committed to providing turn-key solutions for the lab and pharmacy.

Pharmacies and labs call for special solutions for the end user. Together with our partners, we offer direct end user consultation to provide a lab or pharmacy that is functional, mobile and built for the future.


Specialty areas of the hospital call for specific solutions.

Operating rooms, cath labs, MRI suites, chemotherapy bays, dialysis areas etc… We work closely with our clients to ensure these areas are efficient, functional and well-designed.


The first impression.

An area that is neither distracting nor boring. From wall panels to banquette benching, from decorative resin panels to elaborate architectural centerpieces and reception desks. Varia delivers what the client needs in order to provide a welcoming and calming environment.