Universities across the country continuously evolve as they compete for the brightest and the best.

Whether it's finding the perfect seating options in your lecture room or designing a state-of-the-art lab, Varia wants to be a part of the process. We may not be able to teach your organic chemistry class, but we can create an effective learning environment.



We're passionate about collaborating with end users and architects to design specialized labs that are flexible.

We work with our clients to design lab casework that targets the needs of the students and teachers. We don't consider our lab products as boxes and tops but as a catalyst to something much greater. A space that accommodates and aids in research that could change the world. How's that for big picture?


Lecture halls have come a long way since the days we were in school.

They are the focal point of many academic buildings on campuses across the country.  With our partner, Navetta Design, we provide a well-designed system that incorporates aesthetics, durability and technology. We know our clients have particular aesthetic goals. And that's why we have a flexible design philosophy: choose whatever material you want. From solid surface tops to plastic laminate, from perforated metal to marker board modesty panels. Any color, any finish.


Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing auditorium seating is a must for colleges and universities.

Auditoriums are places of learning, entertainment and worship. Auditorium seating comes in various shapes, sizes and materials. We are equipped and eager to aid in the selection process. 



The gathering space.

Large common spaces in a university setting serve a myriad of purposes. We have the paneling, benching and millwork to achieve versatility.



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